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Following a distress signal, the TARDIS lands on a 17th century pirate ship captained by Henry Avery (Hugh Bonneville) whose crew is terrorised by a Siren-like creature (Lily Cole) who marks crew members with black spots when they are injured and then seemingly disintegrates them. Rory receives a cut and Amy and the Doctor keep him away from the Siren. Discovering that the Siren uses reflection as a portal, they rid the ship of any reflective surfaces. When Rory and Avery's son Toby (Oscar Lloyd) are taken by the Siren, the Doctor, Amy, and Avery prick themselves and the Siren teleports them on an invisible alien spaceship which occupies the same spot as the pirate ship. There they find a sickbay where Rory and Toby are kept; Amy and the Doctor pull Rory off life support and Amy performs CPR to rev...


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