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Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard excitedly plan to attend a screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark that includes 21 seconds of never-before-seen footage. However, they delay reaching the theater, resulting in a lot of complaining from Sheldon. After a short time, Sheldon's nemesis Wil Wheaton arrives for the show. Much to Sheldon's dismay, Wheaton is ushered into the theater ahead of everyone, and the four are later denied access to the theater because of this. Just as they start to leave, Sheldon discovers a side door and rushes in. Leonard, Howard, and Raj follow him in and find Sheldon holding the film cans for the screening, which he stole from the unguarded projection room. After being discovered by Wheaton, Sheldon taunts him and subsequently leads his friends, Wheaton, and a mob of angry Raiders...


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