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Sheldon's World of Warcraft online game account is hacked and he is determined to find out who did it. He calls his friends for help and they go on a "noble quest" to retrieve his stuff. When Howard finally finds out who hacked the account, the guys depart to Carlsbad, California where the hacker, Todd Zarnecki (Christopher Douglas Reed), lives in order to retrieve the stolen account, along with "enchanted weapons, vicious gladiator armor, a wand of untainted power, gold and a battle ostrich called Glenn". Despite Sheldon carrying his Bat'leth with him to indimidate Todd Zarnecki, they fail miserably when it turns out that he is much bigger and more intimidating than they were expecting. Zarnecki tells them to leave and even takes Sheldon's Bat'leth. On the way back, their car breaks down. As no one h...


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