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It's exactly a month after "A" framed the girls for Alison's murder. Spencer rejects Toby and the gift he made her, Caleb returns to Hanna; not to mention we see a jealous side of Lucas, and Ezra and Aria come out with their relationship. The relationship between Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer changes following their arrest. Spencer and Emily fight which is to fool 'A'. The girls make "A" believe they know something. Emily meets "A" and shows them an empty box and tells them they fooled him/her. "A" attacks Emily and nearly strangles her, but the Liars show up and corner "A" but "A" shatters the glass from the ceiling by throwing up a pot and makes a run for it and gets hit by Hanna's car during the escape. The girls chase after "A," but lose him/her and just when Spencer declares they have nothin...


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